Other Admissions Forms

ATC applicants are required to submit official transcripts from high schools and/or colleges previously attended. You may use the request forms on this page or contact your previous school(s) directly. For a list of the Greater Atlanta High School Records Centers, click here.

The high school transcript must have a graduation date and diploma type. Be certain to notify us if your name has changed since high school or college. The high school transcript is not required if you have completed 30 earned credit hours or 45 earned quarter hours in a degree program.  You must attain your GED if you have received a diploma/certificate from one of the following schools.

Here are some forms that may assist you in the admissions process:

Request for Program Change - If you were previously enrolled (completed coursework) or applied for admission but did not enroll, complete this form. If your program choice is different than when you first applied you may update it here. Please note that additonal test scores and or learning support classes may be required for the new program.

Students pursuing a degree, diploma, or certificate at Atlanta Technical College and who desire to change their program/major are required to:

1.      Submit the form by the semester application deadline.

2.      Meet the admissions requirements for the requested program. COMPASS/ASSET test scores and high school diploma graduation status will be evaluated by the Admissions Office prior to approving the change.

3.      See a Financial Aid Officer, WIA Coordinator, or Veterans Office to discuss the impact of the program change on your financial aid, WIA, or VA eligibility before you submit this request to the Admissions Office. If you receive benefits under student assistance programs (financial aid, veteran’s benefits, WIA), you should discuss the possible impact of the change on the receipt of benefits. Program changes may be limited and/or may affect your eligibility. 

Not all credits earned under one program may necessarily apply to the new program. Changing programs may lengthen the time required to graduate ATC. If it has been longer than 5 years since you were last enrolled, you must re-submit your high school and/or college transcript(s) from all previously attended institutions.  You may also have to re-take the Compass exam ($15 fee required) if you do not meet the required college-level English and math.

Petition for Georgia Residency - Applicants for admission must provide two forms of proof to support a claim for in-state residency, permanent resident citizenship status, and refugee status. If you are under 24 years of age and are a claimed dependent of a parent/guardian, we will need two forms of proof from your parent(s) or legal guardian as outlined in the Petition for Georgia Residency. This information must be received if you are seeking Georgia residency.

Transfer of Credit Form - The Registrar will make the final decision regarding awarding transfer of credit, based on state standards and/or course learning outcomes. Grade points will not be assigned. Atlanta Tech reserves the right to test the proficiency of students for coursework to be transferred. In instances, where course equivalency is questionable, the Registrar makes the final decision in consultation with the instructional department chair.

Transcript Request Form - Official transcripts must be delivered in a sealed envelope from the institution previously attended.

Statement Enrollment System Information Form - ATC provides program accessibility and reasonable accommodations to individuals defined as disabled under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. Special services assistance is designed to provide a comprehensive program of supportive services to individuals with disabilities. Students who have a legally defined disability and wish to request accommodations must first register with the ADA/Disabilities Services and provide documentation of the disability and its effect on their ability to perform in an academic environment.